Do you have an audition coming up that will ask you to sight read?

College auditions usually ask the musician to play something that is new to them. Professional auditions may also ask the musician to sight read a piece to gauge their technical ability.

Auditions are nerve-wracking, so the most important thing to do to prepare is to be ready. Every institution is different, but you will be asked to play a couple of standard pieces and usually asked to sight read. To prepare, you will practice the parts they, but you should also increase your sight reading skills.

Sight reading skills will not only help with that portion of the audition but will also help learn the audition pieces quicker. If you can play music technically correct on the first pass, this gives you more time to learn the dynamics and emotion of the part.

How to practice with

If you have an audition coming up, you are probably reasonably competent in your instrument. To use this site, I would recommend setting the tempo at 80 and start with Level 3. If this is too difficult, slow the tempo down, or jump down to Level 2. If this is too easy, increase the tempo, and/or increase the level.

Photo by unsplash-logoProvidence Doucet