About Us

Empowering Musicians Everywhere

Led by founder Jesse Clark, our journey began with a music enthusiast's vision. Jesse, during his college years, recognized the challenges of sight reading and the need for a transformative solution.

Driven by his love for music and a desire to enhance sight reading skills, Jesse crafted the first version of Practice Sight Reading (PSR), revolutionizing the approach to sight reading.

Jesse's vision was clear - provide musicians, from beginners to pros, a personalized platform to master sight reading. Mastery unlocks opportunities for confident performances and musical expression.

Guided by community feedback and dedication, PSR evolved into today's dynamic platform. Our journey is shaped by a community dedicated to musical growth.

As Practice Sight Reading expands, our commitment remains: empowering musicians globally. Join us in creating a harmonious world of confident musicians, where sheet music is read effortlessly, and art is expressed precisely.

Welcome to your musical journey with Practice Sight Reading!

Mission: Empowering Musicians, Elevating Artistry

We're on a mission to empower musicians with innovative sight reading tools. Our personalized platform makes sight reading accessible and transformative, fostering confident, expressive musicians who interpret sheet music with precision. Join us on this musical journey to shape a harmonious future for music.

Meet Our Team

Jesse Clark

Founder, CEO, and Flutist


Meet Jesse Clark, the mastermind behind Practice Sight Reading. With a Bachelor's degree in Musical Performance and over 20 years of experience in engineering and tech, Jesse brings a unique blend of musical expertise and technical acumen to our platform. Combining his passion for music with his deep understanding of technology, Jesse set out to revolutionize sight reading for musicians worldwide. His innovative vision and relentless pursuit of excellence have led to the birth of Practice Sight Reading - a transformative tool that empowers musicians to conquer sight reading challenges with precision and artistry. Through his dedication and expertise, Jesse continues to shape the future of music education, inspiring a harmonious world of confident and expressive musicians.

Irene Patrikios

Head of Operations, Creative


Say hello to Irene Patrikios, the creative genius driving Practice Sight Reading's success. With a marketing degree, MBA and a wealth of expertise in Customer Success, Irene brings a well-rounded approach to our platform's operations and user experience. Her artistic flair and deep understanding of customer needs ensure that Practice Sight Reading provides an exceptional journey for musicians worldwide. Irene's passion for music and commitment to excellence resonate in every aspect of our platform, fostering a thriving community of confident and fulfilled musicians. Together with her dedicated team, Irene continues to shape the future of sight reading, empowering musicians to embrace their musical prowess and shine on their artistic endeavors.

Together, Jesse and Irene form a dynamic team committed to empowering musicians on their sight reading journey. With their combined expertise, they lead Practice Sight Reading towards a harmonious future where musicians can confidently embrace the art of sight reading and thrive in their musical endeavors.