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Empower Your Students with Practice Sight Reading

Level up your students' musical journey by gifting them Practice Sight Reading memberships. Complement their weekly lessons with valuable home practice and witness the rapid progress they make in learning pieces of music. Our special educator bundles are tailored to meet your students' sight reading needs and maximize their musical growth.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for the number of students in your studio or class.
  2. Assign Practice Sight Reading accounts to your students using their unique username and password.
  3. Effortlessly reassign spots to new students when needed, ensuring continuous access for all learners.

Don't let sight reading hold back your students' musical potential. With Practice Sight Reading, they can develop the confidence to read and interpret sheet music with ease, accelerating their learning process and freeing up lesson time for focusing on musical nuances and creativity.

Quick and easy pricing

Our flexible pricing is based on the number of students you have in increments of 5. Easily reassign accounts if a student leaves or new students join your studio or class. Educator bundles renew annually, ensuring seamless access for your students without worrying about account expiration.

Number of studentsDiscount
5-15 students20%
16-30 students30%
31-50 students40%
51+ studentsContact Us

Cost Estimator

10 Students

$480 per year (total)