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Deluxe Features:


Bored with just practicing rhythm?

Turn melodies on, choose your clef (Treble, Bass, Alto or Tenor), interval and the range of notes. You can set the custom level to quarter notes to practice sight singing.

Below is 2 measures of level 3:


Custom Levels

Custom Levels!

Want to practice just triplets, or perhaps you don't want rests to come up in your exercises? Choose which rhythms show up. This works with Rhythm and Melody modes and with all the time signatures.

Custom Levels

Note Range


Not comfortable with the entire staff? Perhaps your instrument doesn't use the whole staff. Not a problem, tell Practice Sight Reading where you would like to practice.


Range goes from shown to the 2nd C above the Treble Staff.


Note Intervals

Notes can jump anywhere from a second (one note above or below) to a fifth.


Does your instrument not play in the key of C? Transpose it up or down as needed.


Instead of just a short intro, have the metronome click quarter notes or eighth notes as you practice.


Simple & Complex Meters

The following meters are currently available for practice:

24 34 44 54 38 68 98 128 58 38
78 78 78



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What is Deluxe?

Deluxe membership expands from rhythms to melodies. Now you can practice with randomly generated pieces of music. Use the playback feature to check your work. If you have difficulty with an individual rhythm grouping, change the level to "Custom" and select the exact rhythms you would like to practice.

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Why should I upgrade?

  • Become a better musician and be better prepared for auditions by practicing real sight reading examples.
  • Use the playback feature to play along with the song to make sure you stay on track.
  • Work on specific note groupings by creating your own custom level.
  • Never get lost again; a metronome will guide you through the piece.
  • Get a free one week trial to test it out!