Deluxe Features for Practice Sight Reading

Practice Melodies

Continue practicing your sight reading skills by turning on melodies. You choose your clef: treble, bass, alto or tenor, then select the range of notes you want to practice.

Here is two treble measures of level 3 with a two note interval:


To challenge yourself further, you can increase the interval between notes or you can add more complex rhythms. By combining the custom rhythm component, you can practice what challenges you.

Custom Levels!

During one of my very first auditions, I received a sight reading piece that had multiple triplets in it mixed with eighth notes. I was utterly thrown because although I had played pieces with triplets, I was not very accustomed to them.

With the custom levels feature, you can create a customized level which will allow you to practice the rhythms that are the most challenging to you.

This example shows a musician practicing eighth and sixteenth notes mixed:

Custom Levels


Two different options for the metronome to help you practice and play along with the audio. One that is quarter notes (or dotted quarter for triple time) and one that is eighth notes.

Note Range

Not all instruments can play every note, which is why you can set the range of notes that you want to practice for any clef. This customization also allows you to practice in a range that is comfortable. Or, perhaps you want to make it more difficult by adding a range that is more challenging for your instrument.


Note Intervals

Notes that are closer to each other are easier to play when you start learning to sight reading. As you get more proficient as sight reading, try increasing the interval to challenge yourself. You can choose intervals from a second up to a fifth.

Simple & Complex Meters

4/4 is great for starting out, but what about more complex meters? The following meters are currently available for practice:

  • 24
  • 34
  • 44
  • 54
  • 38
  • 68
  • 98
  • 128
  • 58
  • 38
  • 78
  • 78
  • 78

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