Minimum Requirements:

PracticeSightReading.com has been tested in the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8+ (Windows)
  • Safari 5+ (Mac and Windows)
  • FireFox 10+ (Mac and Windows)
  • Chrome (Mac and Windows)

JavaScript and Cookies must be turned on. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

For non modern browsers, Quicktime or Windows Media player must also be turned on for playback. Modern browsers may use the HTML5 playback audio feature. See Audio FAQ below.


Below are the standard levels. You can create your own levels with Custom Levels. 5/8 and 7/8 levels use the duple and triple rhythms below.

Duple Level 1:

Quarter RestQuarter Note
Half Note

Triple Level 1:

Dotted Quarter NoteQuarter Note + Eigth Note
Dotted Half Note

Duple Level 2:

Dotted Quarter + Eighth Note
Half Note

Triple Level 2:

Eighth Note + Eighth Rest + Eighth Note Three Eighth Notes
Dotted Half Note

Duple Level 3:

Half Rest
Half Note

Triple Level 3:

Eighth Note + 2 Sixteenth Notes + Eighth Note  Eighth Rest + 2 Eighth Notes
Dotted Half Note

Duple Level 4:

Three  TripletsTwo Sixteenth Notes + Eighth Rest
Half Note

Triple Level 4:

Six Sixteenth Notes  Eighth Note + Sixteenth Note + Dotted Eighth Note
Dotted Half Note

Duple Level 5:

Eighth Rest + Sixteenth Note + Sixteenth RestEighth Plus Quarter Triplet
Half Note


The Audio won't play

PracticeSightReading.com uses MIDIs to generate the sounds files that accompany the notes. MIDI files must have a plugin to play within the browsers. Two common plugs are Quicktime and Windows Media Player, both programs have mac and pc versions. Regardless of your system, the latest versoin of Quicktime usually works the best

You must have the plugin for your browser as well the the system version. If you are unsure, please try redownload the plugin using the links below.

When I play along with the computer the note pitches are incorrect

This is probably due to a transposing error. The MIDIs that are created are in the key of C, so instruments such as flute and piano can play without needing the audio transposed. Clarinets, saxophones, trumpets and many other instruments do not play in the key of C and need the audio transposed. This can be changed in the playback settings. (You must be logged into your deluxe account).

Is the audio player different in the Deluxe version?

No, the audio player is the same for both the basic and the deluxe versions.

iPad/iPod/iPhone/html5 Audio

There is a beta audio player for mobile devices. If you encounter any errors, please use the contact link to describe the problem.

Deluxe Features

What is offered in the deluxe version?

See the deluxe feature page.

Infinite Loop Error

Infinite Loop Error usually happens in custom mode when there aren't the correct notes selected. For example, if you are in 2/4 time and only have whole notes selected. This pattern is impossible and as a result the Infinite Loop Error is triggered. To fix this error, choose different notes in the custom level section.

If you believe this is a mistake, please report the error on the creation page.