4/4 meter for 9 measures at level 2


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Level 2

Below is 9 measures of 4/4 rhythm at level 2. Press the "Play" button below, or press [Space Bar] to start the audio. Clap or sing along with the rhythm.

Adjust the Difficulty

Change Audio Settings

You can change the playback audio and tempo in the settings section.

Check out the Beginner Guide and the FAQ for additional information.

Half NoteTwo Eighth NotesTwo Eighth Notes
Dotted Quarter + Eighth NoteQuarter NoteEighth Note + Eighth Rest
Eighth Note + Eighth RestDotted Quarter + Eighth NoteQuarter Rest
Half NoteDotted Quarter + Eighth Note
Half NoteQuarter NoteEighth Note + Eighth Rest
Half RestHalf Note
Half RestDotted Quarter + Eighth Note
Half RestHalf Note
Whole Note