Site Updates

New Server and Audio Quality Settings

November 21st, 2019

We just moved to a new server which will allow the site to run quicker and smoother. In addition to the speed, a new listening setting has been added, audio quality. The default audio file is stereo which works on most browsers and internet connections. However, if you find yourself with a slower connection, you can switch to mono. On higher-end sound systems, the mono sound may have slight white noise in the background.

Stereo is the default, and unless you have buffering problems, it is best to leave it.


Three new guides have been added to the site to help you get started improving your sight reading.

Keep on the lookout for more guides to come. We are also offering free memberships for users who would like to write a guide on how they use the site. Examples might be:

  • How to use it in the classroom
  • How to practice specific rhythms

If you have an idea, get in touch!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Two keyboard shortcuts have been added to the Create page to make practicing easier. Hitting the [Space Bar] will start and pause the audio file. Hitting [R] will refresh the page and provide a new set of music to practice.

Play a starting pitch before the melody plays:

A vocalist recently suggested having a starting triad before the piece plays. You can choose from a single pitch, major triad or minor triad. After you have logged in, visit the Listening Settings page the turn the starting pitch on under the Melody Playback Options section.

Pin settings to the “Create” section

Do you to change the tempo or switch clefs frequently? Now you can change these settings, and others, right from the Practice page. On the Listening Settings page, tick the checkbox to the left of the option and it will show up on the Practice page.  

Check which properties you change the most often:

Change those properties quickly on the Practice Page:

Eighth Note Metronome

The metronome has been expanded into two options: quarter notes and eighth notes. If you have ever thought about being awesome at 5/8 or 7/8 time, this is a great way to practice! To change your metronome settings, sign in, and go to the Listen Settings page. From there you can update the Metronome settings!

Check it out and feel free to leave feedback!

Highlight Beats

A new feature called "Highlight Beats" has been added to the "Listening Settings" page. This feature will put a line on the beat so counting is easier. If you have been thinking about trying a more complex meter, such as 7/8, this will help you keep track of the beats!

Highlight Beat Example

Just sign in to your deluxe account and go to the "Listening Settings" page. Don't have a deluxe account, sign up for a free week trial.

New Rhythms added to Duple Level 5

There have been a few sixteenth note additions added this week. Check them out in level 5, or in add them to your custom level!

If you have any suggestions for additions, please use the "Contact" link.

Better display on iPads and Mobile devices

In the last update, audio will now play on apple and android devices. This feature has also been expanded to desktop machines that had problems with Quicktime and Windows Media Player. If you have had audio problems in the past, please try the new HTML5 player, or the new Flash player!


This update helps those musicians who are using the site on mobile devices. The formatting of the staffs will be the same size as the desktop and a "Play" button has been added near the top of the page.


Finally, the formatting of the staff and beats has been updated for both the free and deluxe versions. Beat one will always line up at the start of the measure, and the upbeat will always be inline as well. For simpler rhythms, the beats are more spread out, but this will help upcoming updates, such as accidentals!


If you have any trouble, questions or comments about these updates, or any of, please use the Contact link.

IOS Sound

An update was released today that will allow ipad, ipod and iphone users to hear the audio. This feature is in beta, which means that there could be slight bugs in it. If you believe you found one, please use the contact link.

Dotted Quarter Notes

Just a quick update, the following rhythms have been added to melody, rhythm and custom modes:

Dotted Quarter + Eighth NOte Dotted Quarter Note + 2 Sixteenth Notes Eighth Notes + Tied Eighth Note and Quarter

These came as a user suggestion, if you have any suggestions for rhythms to add, please let me know!

Key Signatures

Many people have been asking about key signatures and accidentals. Today I am happy to announce that key signatures have been added. You can chose from 15 different key signatures in all four clefs. Accidentals will be included in the next major version, so stay tuned for that.

I have tested each key signature in the four different clefs; however, I was not able to test them with all the available transpositions. As a result, the key signature of C# in Tenor clef with a transposition of +/- Tri-tone was not tested. I am confident that it they all work correctly, but if you find a mistake, please let me know.