Amanda Edge
LJHS Band Director, Bentonville, AR

I use your website EVERYDAY in class. My kids love to work with it and keeps them on their toes. I have used your website for about 3 years now and I am more than happy to pay for a deluxe membership!!! Thank you for creating this page!

Marla Maletic, Lead Orchestra Teacher at Irving ISD, Irving TX

I use the rhythms in class almost daily! I have laptop, internet and a projector. I set the tempo and off we go. It is an excellent resource. I am an experienced teacher with loads of worksheets, but this website is such an improvement. My elderly HS teacher came for a visit. He said if he had had this resource, he would still be teaching.

Cody, Berklee Music Student

I am a guitarist who has been struggling with reading music for two years now. Your website has been so helpful it actually makes it fun to practice. I was having trouble reading syncopated triplets and just found out through the custom icon I can create music that works with only those. You thought of everything! I will definitely be renewing my subscription even though I will get plenty of sight reading at Berklee; your website is just great and so helpful to me. Just wanted to say Kudos!

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